Rex (rapp81) wrote,

More Reasons I DISLIKE Most Americans

Linda Ronstadt is coming to the Bay Area, after stirring some controversy in Vegas.

I totally applaud her for saying what she said there. Her fans' reaction to what she said shows how much Americans can be like sheep. Baaahhhhh! *visualizes sheep reference from Can't Hardly Wait* They need to think outside of their conservative box and open up their fucking eyes! Just because some guy is considered our president, that doesn't mean that he is ALWAYS right in his actions and such.

Some people protested because she was being anti-American. Is it anti-American to voice out seeing an eye-opening documentary? Does seeing this film make anyone anti-American? I swear, why is it that America is esentially one of the youger nations in the world, yet its citizens still have the mentality of the ancestors of the other older nations? The current citizens of the older nations have better mindsets than most Americans and that is really sad.

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