Rex (rapp81) wrote,

24 Hours of Randomness...

So yesterday, I started off going around Hilltop, Pinole, and Hercules just because I needed to get out of the house and get a haircut. I started off at Hilltop and browsed the my limited set of stores. Got a couple of nice looking polos that were $5 each at Macy's. Sweet :) Went over to Barnes & Noble briefly, then over to Circuit City. Meh... Then Target... double meh. Then Supercuts, where I was given a 1:40 wait as there was only 1 stylist available. Plus their credit card system was down. Whatever... so went over to Best Buy for a bit. (can't publicly say what happened there, so I'll FPost it later). Then went to another barber in Hercules to get my haircut.

After my hair cut, I got a highlighting bleach kit from Albertson's, along with some random food items and headed home.

After over 2 hours of doing shit to my hair, I had dinner at my aunt's house. Later on, Anthony IMed me asking if I was doing anything. I ended up going to Dan's house in this above-average sized house in Clayton, but left my car at Anthony's at Turtle Creek in Concord. On my drive over, I couldn't help but try to see what movies were showing at the drive-in. They shouldn't of built drive-ins by a major freeway interchange (4/242)... heh. While driving through Downtown Concord, I noticed a lot of people lounging outside a tattoo parlor. I just found it odd that people hang out at tattoo parlors just like people hang out at bars.

Prior to leaving for Dan's I realized that I locked my keys in my car. D'oh! The last time I did that was in high school! I decided to just leave it there and call AAA when I got back. We, along with Anthony's brother Andrew, and his neighbor Mark, stopped by Albertson's for some liquor. There was this HUGE ass bottle of Tanquaray for $25! So we got that, some limes, and tonic water. Mark got himself a 24 oz can of Labaret (sp) Canadian beer.

Over at Dan's, we started drinking. I made everyone's drinks a little too strong. Anthony said it tasted like shit regardless, so he opted for the Midori/Malibu mixer. Fucking pussy! (We called him that all night). We played some dice game. Anthony kept losing. Radio was tuned to KMEL, which I don't listen to anymore. However, they were playing songs from when I was in junior high and I was stoked! Anna showed up. She discussed her hatred for Yellowcard. Anna & Mark talked about piercings.

Mark decided to leave and I asked if he could ride along with him back home. Stopped by Jack in the Box on Clayton on the way over. I called AAA and Mark and I sat on the curb and talked as we waited for the tow truck. The ETA was 30-40, but it arrived within 20-25. After I was freed from the Mom 'n Pop tow truck crew (for real), I was on my merry way back to Hercules.

When I woke up this morning, I saw this IM:

BLTrenner (6:35:38 AM): hey greg and i are in the netherlands we are imming you from our hotel room

That was Soooo random. But after chatting with Chris, I found out that they bought tickets 3 weeks ago. I obviously been neglecting a certain group of my friends :/

Anyhoo... today's agenda: VF and KoC :) I'll see some of you guys tonight!

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