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I was thinking of going to KoC tonight...

but I realized that I've been driving way too much. Damn I need to be living in SJ again! Which reminds me, anybody out there have any leads on a place?!?

Events of this weekend (public version...heh)

Went to VF. Caught up with Alex ([info]cekyr0) at work. Replied to a few LJ comments at the Apple Store.

Afterwards, spent a half hour on 101N to KoC. Freaking rednecks seeing Tim McGraw at Shoreline! Traffic was horrible and from what I heard, it lasted for hours. The temporary 85 on ramp isn't helping matters. But the weird thing about all of that is that last week, traffic wasn't that bad for the John Mayer / Maroon 5 concert... and that was on a Friday night!

A ton of people showed up and we all had good times. I ended up staying a little longer than I usually do. I decided to try I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace... I think I did a helluva better job this time around and judging from the cheers and applause, I guess so.

Went to Sunvalley. Bought a couple pairs of board shorts and a pair of casual shorts and used my $25 off $50 coupon at PacSun. I'm addicted to using that card just so I can keep getting those coupons. They sure know how to market!

I was thinking of going to SF, but everyone in the South Bay decided to stay down there, whether it be STDs or KoC. Meh. I ended up spending the night online, mainly chatting it up with Scott (aairn), but even that didn't last too long as I fell asleep by midnight.

Went to SF and met up with Scott. Then I met up with Matt ([info]dancin_whitey), Anthony, Mike W, Sean and his friends, and Mike P.

Details TBC in a FPost.

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