Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Ha Ha, SJSU! I Beat the System Again!

I figured out what to do in regards to the now-thought-to-be restricted SJSU network ports in the new library. Originally, I thought that they were just going to use the MAC addresses of the laptops that are borrowed out in the library. However, after some slight investigation, I figured out that the ports are threaded to take crossover cables! So what do I do? Get a crossover cable! Now I don't have to use the pathetic city connection via a Netgear router! This fucking rocks!

Before coming to campus to check my email and LJ, I went to Best Buy. As I got out of my car, I saw Mitchell walking towards me. At first, I couldn't recognize him because of the damn amber lighting, but it was indeed him. We said hello and had a brief convo in the parking lot. He said he was going to KoC tonight as I am as well.

Earlier today, Geno picked me up from campus and we had lunch at Goldilock's... Yeah, totally a filipino thing to do coming from a white washed washout like me... LOL After that, we went to the market so he could get some watermelon seeds (another filipino thing to do, but I didn't partake in any) then off to Supercuts because he needed to get his hair cut. I told him his hair was fine, but he had the urge to get it cut. He ended up getting a cut that was way shorter than he anticipated.

On the way back to my place, we drove through Capital Expressway and passed by the Century Capital 16. WTF?!? When did they change the front? Yeah it kinda looks nice, but it's so out of place in the ghetto and the theatre itself is still ghetto. I sent a text message to Scott ([info]biglovescott) asking him about the change and he told me it was done before Oakridge opened.

DSL Update: A repair tech will be at the house tomorrow to fix the DSL! So I should be back online then... whew! You don't understand the withdrawals I had not having DSL in my bedroom and the lengths I took to fix those withdrawals!

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