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Argh..... Mommy's coming back home :(

Yeah, after 3 weeks w/o her around the house, she's due back in tonight. Picking her up at the new int'l terminal at SFO. The last time I was there was when we dropped her off, and that was my first time to check out the new terminal. It's actually pretty nice.

Friday and beyond is still kinda sketchy for me, as for who is going with my brother and myself to our timeshare in Tahoe for the week. My mom, for some strange reason, prefers to go to Tahoe when there is NO snow. WTF?!? To make things more retarded, she said before she left that she may not even go.

If anybody's interested in trekking up for even just a few days, you can totally crash at the timeshare. It's in SLT, about a mile or so from Stateline. It'd be cool to have a gambling partner who actually plays real games, and not just sit at the slots. How boring is that?!?
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