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Just Out of Curiosity...

Who else reads this, other than those on LJ, Chris Santiago and Nate?!? I guess I'm wondering, because I'm totally flattered to actually have some regular readers (based on repeated IP references on my stats page) :) It would be cool to chat it up with some visitors. I'm a really nice guy, honestly... Just ask any of my friends. Heh

On another random curious note, whether you're a random or regular reader (as stated above), and know online venues such as XY (also a magazine) and PNO, then you should definitely drop me a line ;) If you ever hit Badlands, The Cafe, or Faith (before it closed), you should really drop me a line!

Wow, why do I have this sudden urge to be a social butterfly?!?

In case you don't want the entire world to know, comments for this post are screened and can only be made public if you say so and I click it to be so :)

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