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Last Night / Tahoe / Possible Trip LD Weekend

Started my day stopping by AAA for a Washington state Tourbook and map. I'm thinking of going to Seattle for Labor Day weekend. More on that in a bit.

Afterwards, briefly checked Hilltop (meh) the went to Best Buy to and made a couple of DVD impulse buys: Clue and Reality Bites (10th Year Anniversary Edition.

Had lunch, did some LJ surfing, then went to Valley Fair. Met up with Alex ([info]cekyr0). Chatted for a bit, then met up later at KoC.

KoC started really dead at first, picked up, but only lasted for a short time. Casey ([info]theblank) was nice enough to buy me a drink (thanks again!). Sang some great rock songs, but left early as everyone of importance was virtually gone.

Tonight I'm leaving for Tahoe... Will be there for a week. Open Plea: If anyone wants to drive up for a few days, please do!!! It's just going to be me and my brother, and I'd like to have some cool friends to hang out. We could even hit Reno! My timeshare is a mile from the big casinos over in Stateline. Net access will be limited (I'm not sure if the phones in our timeshare are still hardwired (no jacks... ugh) I'm hoping I could at least steal some nearby wifi, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Oh yeah... Seattle. DLS is playing a team in Seattle over Labor Day weekend. I was thinking of flying up there for the weekend. Anybody know of any certain night spots (you know what I mean!) or know of any hospitable friends up there? I haven't been to Seattle since my first high school band trip, freshman year... and that was a bad one. Also, Seattle is pretty much my top choice for places to live when I graduate from college.

Alright, I should finish my packing...
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