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So I made it safely to Tahoe... somewhat

The drive up here was interesting... yes interesting.

I drove the entire way up, while my brother watched 2 1/2 episodes of Party of Five on my laptop. I swear, that show is like the only show that consistanly would bring me to the brink of crying. Fucking Claudia / Lacey Chabert!!! LOL

Before we started the climb up in El Dorado County, some crazed lunatic cut in front of me, started to slow down, and wouldn't let me pass. He finally swerved to his exit and flipped me off angrily... Um, I honestly don't know wtf I did to him, as I haven't changed lanes since Sac and I was keeping adequate distance between the car in front of me, who was in front of me for about 30 miles. Whatever, fucking tard!

I haven't driven 50 before while it's dark. I think this drive is a bit more freaky than 17. I love driving 17... heh

We're not doing anything tonight... Randall worked today and I'm a bit tired from the drive.

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