Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Week in Review

I'm just going through the week, detailing things that have not been previously been said.

Nothing too exciting, hit the hot tub for a bit. Had dinner at an expensive seafood buffet at Harvey's. Afterwards, tried to find a non-existent Blockbuster in this new shopping center near Stateline. There were signs at the shopping center entrances, but no store... It was probably one of the lofts under construction. Used mMode to find another store and looked up directions. It was about 4 miles away off Lake Tahoe Blvd. Well, I missed the turn and ended up leaving South Tahoe, past the high school. Oops. We eventually found the damn place and rented The Perfect Score and Hell Boy

Went shopping at the Factory Stores. I couldn't find anything there... A store had some cheap polos, but their smalls were slightly big on me (woah, that's odd). Walked across the street to Anchor Blue (actually, since it was in an outdoor strip mall, it's Miller's Outpost) Got myself a pair of jeans, a $5 Trapt shirt (which I wore to KoC last night and sang Still Frame because I wanted to be the dork that sang a song of the band that was on my shirt!), a polo, and a QS shirt. I saw Matt's (dancin_whitey) I like it when you _____ my _____ shirt. I was thinking of being a total dork of a twin and get it, but all they had was a single large shirt. Damn! Heh.

Went up the Gondola. Stood around the observation deck for a while. Then continued over to the top and hiked up there for a bit. The Tahoe basin and surrounding areas are awesome. I'll post pics later on.

Had dinner at Cabo Wabo at Harvey's... We sat right by 3 projection screens that had various Sammy Hagar videos playing. This is the only time I will be like Chris (crhale) and talk about what food I ordered. I ordered the lobster chile relleno burrito. OMFG, that was like the best burrito I've had in a long time. Do I dare even say better than a La Vic burrito with Orange Sauce?!?

Afterwards, we returned the DVDs and got 13 Going on 30 to bring back

Went to the Horizon and saw Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, again inside Harvey's. Total Hotness there :P Heh.

EDIT: The timeshare had karaoke going on that night, so I decided to check it out. I ended up being a dork and sang selections from my CD which I had in my trunk (had it there from the previous Thursday, because I thought Matt and Alex were going to do Broken) Everyone was like... woah, and one of the girls doing the thing asked if I could do a few duets with her. So I did... Summer Nights and a couple that I honestly can't remember right now because it was total suicide for me. Heh.

Spent most of the day at the pool... Checked out the night scene by myself. Played several rounds of blackjack. Started with $100, lost $50. Oh well.

EDIT: The table was a Bay Area dominated table. The guy next to be went to a grade school in the Oakland Diocese (forgot which one), then on to St. Mary's HS in Berkeley (c/o 95), then Holy Names College in Oakland. He was like Christian Brothers school's unite!, after I told him I went to De La Salle. The guy next to him was from Hayward, and the dealer goes to Cal.

Woke up hung over. Had to pick up my aunt in Vallejo so we could visit my dad's grave for his birthday. Didn't really get back home until 3 or so, despite we left Tahoe at 9:30.

The week, was alright for the most part... only a few nights were pretty grand. :) A week during the summer is just way too much time to spend in Tahoe. I'm seriously looking forward to my trip to Seattle next month, despite the fact that I'm only spending 4 nights and 4 days there. Oh yeah, my cousin isn't going so I'm still looking for accommodations!

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