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How a room reservation brings back old memories...

So I booked a room for the Saturday night I'm in Seattle. It's the same place where I stayed during the latter part of my last trip up to Seattle 8 years ago (HS freshman year band trip). For the very few who remember our experience at the Vagabond Inn our last night in Seattle, along with events leading up to the car accident en route to the symphony (aftermath video on link above), you must be thinking to yourself, wtf am I staying there again? Well, I just need a place to crash for one night. A bed is all I need :) Besides, if accommodations change, I can always cancel :) I'll just remember NOT to eat at the Denny's that on site, because that's where the chain of events started.

For those who don't know, several of us had our orders lost, which in turn, forced us to head to the symphony in small groups. I was one of those who got their orders on time and walked over (actually running because we were bloody late anyways), and had one of my roommate on the trip (Bill) be stopped by some random guy selling drugs in Seattle Center. Then the other group, whose food order was lost, was driven over to the Symphony because they were going to be the ones to arrive the latest. En route, one of the mini-vans that we rented got side-swiped by another car because the other car made an illegal turn from a one-way street.

This final night culminated a week and a half full of bad experiences during our time in Seattle. Here are some additional, brief highlights from the earlier part of the trip.

  • As soon as we land at SeaTac, we go straight to the Air Museum. After a long, boring tour, we kill time there, buying paratroopers and dropping them all over the place (video clip also in link) There was no food on site and we were hungry as hell!

  • Roommate (Bill) clogs toilet, attempts to unclog, but breaks the top porcelain cover at this expensive, downtown Seattle hotel (The Warwick)

  • While playing for an elementary school class, a little kid throws up (we blamed that one on Jenny, as it occured during her solo)

  • Joe and Justin's host family neglected to tell their children before they went out of town that they were hosting some kids from CA. Therefore, the kids were called by the host school's music director. J&J were picked up late and literally locked in the basement with no food and a shower that didn't have a drain. Justin's catch phrase for the rest of the trip was does it (have a) drain?, referring to anything that had a faucet.

  • Shane tagged a stall door in the boy's bathroom at our host school (dumbass)

I think the only good and funny highlight of the trip was when the tour guide in the Seattle Underground tour was totally flirting with Miss K.

So yeah... have a room for Saturday night. Now on to research public transportation in the Seattle metro area :)
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