Rex (rapp81) wrote,

LJ Welcome / My Sister's Teachers Next Year

First off, I"d like to give an LJ welcome to Nate (natetl17) :)

Secondly, the following is just for those who went to De La Salle or Carondelet...

My sister got her class schedule last week. I started cracking up like no other when I found out she has Zientara (CHS) for both AP Gov't and Econ!!! LOL. That man never remembered my name. He knew me as the guy who sat behind Rubi all though junior year US History. Hell, Colleen, still to this day, cannot remember me being in that, even though tards like Cortez and Forrester kept going Rrrreeeeexxxx! every day in that horrible class. I then found out after I had him that he went to BYU, which exlained a lot, including his obsession with stating the fact that Steve Young, formerly of the 49ers, is a decendant of Bringham Young.

For the other faculty that we know, she has Dr. Fox for World Religions, Murphy (CHS) for English 4 (I was hoping she would get Graham), and Olwell (DLS) for AP Calc.

So at the end of her CHS career, she would only have had two of my teachers while I was at DLS, Zientara and Olwell. Olwell's good, if he doesn't have any wise-ass morons in his class. However Zientara... I have to wish my sister good luck. Hope he doesn't lose any of her quizzes or tests!
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