Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Ah, Fun times in CoCoCo (Contra Costa County)

Tonight, Chris (crhale) picked me up and we first went to Sunvalley so he could get his pants hemmed. While he did that, I roamed around the mall for a bit. I think I saw Roshnee's friend Jeff working at AE, but I wasn't certain. After that, we went to Best Buy in Pleasant Hill to get his parents a wireless router. Chris brought up how when he was a senior, the BB opened up in Pinole, so all of his classmates who went to either CCC or DVC decided to apply there. I talked about how I wasn't considered to work there because I was only going to work for a short amount of time and the cashier and I got into a discussion about that.

After BB, we went back to Chris's parents' house in Hercules to set up their router. Well, the cable modem's power cord wasn't staying fit, the desktop's NIC was not receicing packets well, and the laptop's WiFi card wasn't picking up the SSID of the router. So needless to say, it didn't go too smoothly, but it's ok. Chris's mom is going to have both her laptop and desktop checked out by her office's IT department, which set up the systems in the first place.

When we were done with what we could do, Chris and I went back to Central County over to Walnut Creek. On the way over, they shut down all but the fast lane on 680, right after the 4 East offramp. That kinda sucked. As soon as we entered The Creek, we first hit Croagan's. It was packed for a Wednesday. While outside, I saw the bitch who was at Mel's the last time I was at 1220 with Matt (dancin_whitey) and Anthony! OMG, she must be one of those who hang out at Croagan's every night of the week! I don't think she was as drunk as she was the last time I saw her, so I couldn't fuck with her like I did before!

After Croagan's, we went to 1220. I tried to get a song in for karaoke, but there were 14 people before me and they still do that one karaoke song, followed by a song to dance to. Ugh... Oh well, I'll get my fix tomorrow @ KoC.

Hey, who wants to hit 1220 with me next Wednesday?!? Heh :)

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