Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Weekend Roundup


Drove down to Valley Fair.  Saw Casey (theblank) and Alex (cekyr0) at Aero.  Casey immediately left as he said he had to go (yeah, whatever... heh) and I chatted it with Alex for a bit.  I then roamed around the mall for a bit.  While going through Macy's Men's, I see Scott (aairn) out of the corner of my eye, wearing his Hooters, Dublin, CA shirt.  So I emerge from the clothesracks and yell out, Hey loser in the Hooters shirt!  We kicked it around the mall, then headed over to Santana Row.  Once again, went into Best Buy.  For the past week, I've been to various BB's (Pinole, Pleasant Hill, Santana Row/San Jose) 5 times in the past 4 days.  After Santana Row, we had dinner in the food court and ate Panda Express.

After that, we ventued over to KoC... Wasn't busy for a Thursday, but still good.  I ended up closing the bar with Scott, Alex, Deb (unbreak_able), and Brian.  I haven't closed in the longest time!

Did a few errands around Concord and Pleasant Hill before I picked up my mom from Pleasant Hill BART.  We later hit the De La Salle Band picnic and field show preview.  Upon arriving on campus, I couldn't help but notice the various ENG vans from NBC11, CBS5, and KRON4 doing live shots for the 5 and 6 about TK.  The photog from CBS5 was really, really hot... red head :P

Dinner started late and I sat with Nate (natetl17) and Ryan.  After dinner, it was off to the unusual type of astro-turf field to see my sister and the band perform.  The started off with a drill down and I pointed out to Nate that those who are wearing sunglasses should automatically fall out of rank.  But whatever... it's not like they've had real marching instruction in 5 years.  After the drill down they did their field show, themed from selections from Earth, Wind, and Fire.  It was ok, despite some people bunching up during the routine.  During the show, a neighbor from Bethany Lane (I assume, based on his exit) went up and complained about the noise.  It was 7:40 in the early evening.  WTF?!?  He was some grumpy old man, who probably didn't have any children.  The sad thing is, he's not the only one who complains about activites going on at DLS.  If it were a public school, or the mere fact that there are actually three high schools all next to each other, I don't think it would be an issue.

Went around to check out venues for my sister's 18th birthday next year with her, her friend Lez, and my mom.  We mainly checked out the Marriot in Downtown Walnut Creek.  After that, my mom wanted to see the Concord Hilton, but the banquet manager was only available M-F.  There was some huge Weight Watchers thing going on, and they took up all the banquet rooms at the Hilton.  As we were leaving, we heard something like And now, Weight Watchers Silicon Valley, ....  We just cracked up

The rest of the weekend was blah... now back to watching the Olympics

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