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Week in Review

I just realized that I haven't made a public post in about a week!  So, I guess it's time for one.

Drove down to San Jose to get my books and to check out some apartments.  Which reminds me, I need to follow up on some phone calls tonight.  While I was using my laptop in MLK library, I found out that Three Days Grace was performing for free at Music in the Park, downtown.  So I called around to see if anybody wanted to go and I ended up meeting Roshnee.  The opening acts were kinda lame, but TDG was awesome.  I recorded some parts of the concert on my SJSU voice mail and if I have a chance, I'll post them.  After the concert, we bumped into Rachel and briefly chatted.

Then I went up to KoC.  Put in I Hate Everything About You only because of the concert... I think I've sang that a little too much now.  After my song, I decided to text Mike Bacon (DLS '01) to see what he was up to as he was in town for a few days.  He immediately calls me up and I end up leaving KoC early to head up to Walnut Creek.

We hung out for the rest of the night and caught up with each other.  I haven't seen the guy since I graduated from high school.  It was really good seeing him.  He left early this morning to spend a few months studying in Amsterdam.

Didn't really do anything.  I was kinda tired from the day before.  Watched the Olympics and that's about it.

Went to my aunt's dad's birthday picnic in Concord.  We played some retarded picnic games, but it was still fun.  One of my cousins who was in Natalie Coughlin's class at Carondelet consistently pointed at the pool that Natalie practiced at while growing up. 

Later on, I ended up driving to SF and met up with Geno, Jason, Randy, and a few others.  We mainly stuck around Badlands.  I decided to head on home early as I wasn't feeling all that great.  I wish I was feeling better, as it has been a month since I've been to the city, but oh well.

Printed out my finalized class schedule in preparation for the first day of classes on Wednesday.  I can't believe this summer went by so fast!

Ran a few errands, caught up with a few friends online and now just getting things organized.  Meh.  Heh.
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