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Tahoe Pics Posted / Commute Question

I've finally got around to posting my pics from Tahoe.  Most of them are from the Gondola ride, observation deck, and hike.


Commute question:  Does anybody know how the 680 S commute is in the mornings?  I'm going to be commuting for the first week of classes (and definitely taking advantage of the free parking at the park and ride on South Campus/Spartan Stadium this week).  From any time point will actually help me out a bit, whether it be from the Walnut Creek Interchange, the Dublin interchange, the Sunol Grade, etc.  I need to be at the P&R by 10 am on MW and 8:30 TR.  Normally, it takes me about 60 minutes w/o traffic from Hercules to Seventh Street in SJ via 680.  I wish we didn't start the same week as De La Salle and Carondelet since they actually contribute to the backup on 680 from the Benicia Bridge to Treat Blvd in the mornings.

Geez... the last time I left my house at 6:30 in the morning to commute was back in high school.  Heh.
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