Rex (rapp81) wrote,

LJ Teasers

I'm going to start putting every fifth post I make on my blog onto my LJ. In a sense, these are full posts, but they are pretty much teasers to have people who are really interested in anything I have to say over to my actual blog.

I would double-post, but it can get cumbersome to do that for every post I make. If LJ had a way to migrate from another CMS solution, like other CMS solutions do. Oh wait, I don't think LJ is considered a CMS solution to begin with. (Sorry, got technical there, but I'm sure some of you know what the hell I'm ranting about)

I'm sticking to one main form, which is my blog powered by Movable Type. I have full customization as to everything that goes on there, plus everything is stored in mySQL.

Also, any quizzes or polls I take will be posted on LJ as well.
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