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Alright, lemme explain

It started with a dispute with my excessive spending (gas and such) and lack of income.  Somehow it excellerated to her asking me point blank if I was gay, because of things she saw in my room.  (And I thought I kept my copies of XY hidden away).  After some hesitation, I said yes, broke down and cry.  Her first response was When?  When?!?  I expected some negative reaction, but not that exact one.  Then other questions like how, are you sure?, can you change?, do you need to see the priest came spewing out.

My brother was there along with us and my sister was upstairs (we thought her friend was over).  My mom calls my sister downstairs, via cell phone (heh, you gotta laugh at that), and my mom makes me tell my sister.  My brother breaks the tension by cracking some sort of joke.  My brother and sister obviously are fine with it, but my mom, as expected, isn't taking it so well.  When my mom asked again if I could change, I walked away from her, and that's when my brother sent my sister and me to our rooms so he could talk to her.

I don't know what happened after that as I haven't stepped out since.

I'm fine now... just a little lightheaded from the intense crying earlier.

I called my cousin Karina a little while ago to ask her if she was free for lunch tomorrow.  She was the first family member I told a few months ago, during the MW fiasco.  We decided to go to Sorrento's at Countrywood in Walnut Creek, since it's a block from De La Salle where she works.  Neither of us have been there for lunch before.

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