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The Day After

I got up at around 9:30 or so.... Did my usual internet surfing and such.

Got a call from Chico boy... that was a surprise, and good timing too.  This call was unusual.  He started talking about this guy he's been seeing.  The impression I got from him is that he's only out to other gay guys, but he's being more outgoing than he has been before.  And get this... he finally gave me his number!  I'll give him a call later on this week.

After that, I took a shower and got ready to meet up with my cousin for lunch.  Before I left, my mom called me during her lunch break and asked me a few more questions, like do my friends from high school know (and specifically who).  I told her I was having lunch with my cousin and she asked if she knew.  I told her yes, for about 5 months now (actually thinking back, it's 6).  Then the notion of letting the rest of the extended family know... considering that pretty much all of them live within a 20 mile radius.  At this point, I'm going to take the if they ask, then I'll tell approach.  I'm not going to go in the next family gathering and go come around all, I've got something to tell ya!

My cousin and I decided to change our meeting place to the shopping center across the street from Heather Farms in Walnut Creek.  We had Chinese and discussed what happened last night.  She told me that she told her boyfriend Mike, which I expected and didn't have any issues about.  I told Karina that she was the only family member I felt really close and open with.  We practically grew up together, spending summers at her house, going to the same high school (relatively... DLS/CHS), and such.  Especially my first year of college, I constantly called her up telling her all of my new experiences living in the dorms.

After having lunch with her, I went to Sunvalley to walk around and such.  While in AnF, I could of sworn one of the guys who worked there was checking me out.  Either that, or he thought I was going to steal something... heh.  He stood by the dressing room entry way as I walked around.  I should of acted on that, but my mind was elsewhere.  I did give some smiles as I walked around.

While sitting at Center Court, Nate (natetl17) Mobile IMs me and we decide to hit Starbucks in Pleasant Hill.  We chatted for about an hour, talking again me talking about last night and also talking about how Nate's about to start college.  He leaves for Gonzaga tomorrow morning.  Nate: Again, have a safe trip up and party your ass off once you get there!  It's all about the week before school starts :)

I go home and take a nap for a bit. Afterwards, I go downstairs and see my sister on the computer.  I turn on the TV and the only thing worth watching at 7:30 was Degrassi.  Of all episodes, it's when Spinner has issues with Marco being gay... the same episode where Marco gets beaten while roaming the streets of Toronto's Boy's Town / Gay Village

My sister spoke to me about how she doesn't get a lunch this semester because of community service.  Her service ends at 12:25 and the lunch period is over by 12:40, and they do time when she clocks out to when she clocks in.  Kinda lame.  They seriously discourage any real off campus activities during school hours, unlike DLS.  When I had Christian Involvement, our service ended when the actual class period ended and we were free to be off campus for the entire lunch period, as long as we came back on time for our next class.  Then again, I was part of the last CI class, but there's still senior off campus every Thursday to this day.

Home life tonight was that of any other night... Still kinda weird.  Nothing's really being addressed and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

I just want to end this by saying thank you to everyone who has been IMing me, posting comments, making their own posts, and calling me.  I really do appreciate all of your support and your offers for any assistance.  You guys are seriously the greatest friends one could ever have :)

Tomorrow's agenda:  Wake up @ 6:30, leave the house @ 7, first class and only class @ 10:30, after that... give Scott (biglovescott) a call.  He's staying at the Hotel Valencia at Santana Row for the opening of CinéArts @ Santana Row this week and I seriously need to check his room out!

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