Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I'm finally on campus

Took me about two hours to get here, but it's all good.  (Refer to phone post)  It's always an adventure standing in line and getting on the shuttle for the Park and Ride.

After taking a leak break at Duncan Hall, I headed over to the bookstore to get a few supplies and my last book.  Saw Sandy working as a cashier.  She already graduated, but is at the bookstore still as a second job.

Now I'm in the Business Courtyard, gawking at the hot guy who was in my marketing class last semester (BUS 130), who is just about 12 feet away from me :P

My first and only class of the day starts at 10:30, so we'll see how that goes.  It's Fundamentals of Finance... meh.  Sometimes I hate being a business major.  All I want is the MIS concentration :/

Back to the SJSU hotties... yeah, they're out en masse today, granted it is the first day of class. :P

*dims screen*

A cutie is sitting next to me :)  Ok, I better post before I completely lose it!

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