Rex (rapp81) wrote,

First Day of Class

So I had my one and only class yesterday.  As usual, the took the entire one hour and fifteen minute period just going over the green sheet (SJSU term for syllabus).  Found out the the College of Business created a new building policy that must be printed on each green sheet.  I'll go off on this in another post.

Afterwards, I called Scott (biglovescott) to see if he was free.  He didn't pick up, so I just went to Valley Fair for lunch and walking around.  Some fat guy wearing pajamas and a du rag came up to me and started asking me stuff.  I couldn't understand him because he had no sense of diction.  He eventually asked me if I was Christian.  I lied and said no, and he immediately said that I looked like I was and was probably lying.  I was insistent that I wasn't then he told me to go away.  Me go away?  I'm in a freaking mall minding my own business and you stop me for this bull shit?!?  Dumbfuck, I tell ya.

I headed over to Santana Row... Best Buy, checked out the new theatre from the outside, saw some Century execs walking about, then went into Borders.  I was going to pick up a copy of Instinct Magazine and read it (even though I've already read this month's edition) to see if anybody would notice, but I saw Nick slipsbyandstops) standing by the comic aisle.  I yell out, Damn, you're suck a fucking loser!.  He starts glancing over as if I was referring to someone else.  Heh.  Nick was waiting for his friend, Charles, to get off work for lunch (the same guy the other Scott (aairn) and I saw the last time I was at Borders).

I end up joining the two for lunch, even though Charles only ate.  Scott and Adam (the other Century auditor) show up after Scott had his $450 suit tailored at the Men's Warehouse.

After lunch, we head off to Scott's room at the Hotel Valencia.  OMG, he has a sweet room!  His balcony over looks Santana Row (main street) and Borders.  Nick really wanted to check out the hotel bar, so we hung out there for a bit.  Scott and Nick's friends Alison and Kristin came down and we all played LOTR Monopoly.

After the girls left, we had dinner at Chili's.

I ended up spending the night in SJ.  The guys offered me to stay and I crashed in Adam's room.
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