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College of Business Policies and Procedures

Back in 2000, the CoB unveiled a renovated building.  Millions was spent on this renovation project that enabled 90% of the classrooms to be "smart classrooms".  These smart classrooms had permanent table and chair fixtures, with each seat having an electrical plug and ethernet port.  Also, these classrooms have a lectern that has a console to access the AV equipment (TV tuner, VCR, VGA input, composite video, table overhead camera).

Signs were posted prohibiting food and drink in the building.  Well for years, this has been ignored by both students and faculty.  The dean and department heads grew fed up with this and established a new set of policies, which must be printed on all green sheets (syllabi) starting this semester.  Most of the faculty has expressed annoyance with these set of new policies.  It essentially makes both faculty and students police each other and encourages reports to the University's Judicial Affairs Officer, which is like being sent to the dean in high school.

EDIT: It's funny to point out that the new joint city MLK Library, which is the largest library west of the Mississippi, allows some food and drink in the building

College of Business Policies and Procedures

To ensure that every student, current and future, who takes courses in the Boccardo Business Center has the opportunity to experience an environment that is safe, attractive, and otherwise conducive to learning, the College of Business at San José State has established the following policies:

Eating and drinking (except water) are prohibited in the Boccardo Business Center.  Students with food will be asked to leave the building.  Students who disrupt the course by eating and do not leave the building will be referred to the Judicial Affairs Officer of the University.

Cell Phones
Students will turn their cell phones off or put them on vibrate mode while in class.  They will not answer their phones in class.  Students whose phones disrupt the course and do not stop when requested by the instructor will be referred to the Judicial Affairs Officer of the University.

Computer Use
In the classroom, faculty allows students to use computers only for class-related activities.  These include activities such as taking notes on the lecture underway, following the lecture on Web-based PowerPoint slides that the instructor has posted, and finding Web sites to which the instructor directs students at the time of the lecture.  Students who use their computers for other activities or who abuse the equipment in any way, at a minimum, will be asked to leave the class and will lose participation points for the day, and, at a maximum, will be referred to the Judicial Affairs Officer of the University for disrupting the course.  (Such referral can lead to suspension from the University.)  Students are urged to report to their instructors computer use that they regard as inappropriate (i.e., used for activities that are not class related).

Academic Honesty
Faculty will make every reasonable effort to foster honest academic conduct in their courses.  They will secure examinations and their answers so that students cannot have prior access to them and proctor examinations to prevent students from copying or exchanging information.  They will be on the alert for plagiarism.  Faculty will provide additional information, ideally on the green sheet, about other unacceptable procedures in class work and examinations.  Students who are caught cheating will be reported to the Judicial Affairs Officer of the University, as prescribed by Academic Senate Policy S04-12.

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