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Before I start off the WIR, I want to apologize to those who read some of my posts from a few days ago, which would construed as LJ drama.  I also want to apologize to the one directly affected by above mentioned drama.  If you're out of the loop, you're going to stay out of the loop because it's not worth bringing up.

With that said, here's the WIR...

Went to KoC.  Sang End of the Road by Boyz II Men for the first time ever.  I think that totally kicked ass!  Night overall wasn't too grand.  Went home at around midnight.

Didn't do diddly squat socially

Drove my mom and sister to the Concord Hilton where we basically started to get the ball rolling for my sister's 18th birthday there next summer.  As my sister and I waited in the lobby, I grabbed a copy of the Contra Costa Times and looked over the Natalie Coughlin keepsake section.  In her vital stats, it said she went to Carondelet High School and graduated in 2000.  Heh.  There's also a pic of her, along with her fellow female swimmers AND Michael Phelps, taken at a beach in Greece.  MP was center and fucking hot as usual!

While going around with the banquet manager, the chef came out and OMG was he hot!  His name was Wolfgang (why are all chefs named Wolfgang?!?), tall, nice build, and a redhead :P

Didn't go out at night, but it's ok.

Had lunch with my mom, sister, and two aunts at the Ground Round Grill, which recently opened in the old Red Lobster location at Hilltop.  When we arrived, it was kinda empty, but the service and food was really good.  The Muzak was tuned to a kick-ass eclectic channel.  It ranged from the 80s, to current rock, and some light hip-hop.  Their new desert was deep-fried cheesecake.  My sister and I had to check it out.  It was kinda interesting.

I spent the night watching the Olympic closing ceremonies.  It wasn't that great, as some of the athletes I wanted to see were already back home in the states.  :(  Earlier in the night, I got a call from Mikey (spawrhawk) and an SMS from Alex (cekyr0) both asking me if I was going to KoC tonight.  Unfortunately I wasn't and I won't be next weekend either.

Looking ahead to the rest of the week, I need to pack and plan my trip to Seattle this upcoming weekend.  I posted in the Gay Seattle LJ community, but got no direct response asking what are the best gay bars/clubs to hit in Seattle on a Saturday night.  If any of you guys know, I'm totally open to ideas :)

Alright, it's 12:45, and I should head off to bed.  Another morning of commuting 60+ miles awaits me :(
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