Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Kinda settled in San Jose...

So I'm laying on my sleeping bag in my huge ass room, which is across the street from the shuttle stop at the Engineering building.  My window faces the campus so I can stare at all the hotties waiting for the Park & Ride and Esplanade shuttles :P  LOL

Anyhoo, let me try to be brief with the events so far this week.

The commute was ok... slowdowns were at the 242 Interchange, the Walnut Creek Interchange, and the WC/Alamo lane merger.  Got to campus in 1:15.  Had my last "first" class, Bus 119A.  It only meets once a week, so the next time we'll meet is two weeks from now.

Got up at 6 as I had to leave my house by 6:30.  Slowdowns were at the same spots as the day before.  Got to park in the actual P&R lot, not the overflow lot.  They had donuts and coffee there, but I opted out of it.  I should of had at least a donut, because during my lunch break, I sacrificed eating for sleeping in the top floor of the student union.

On my way back up to Hercules, I stopped by San Ramon to chat with Paul (Chico boy) for a bit.  He's so hung up on this guy he met on XY.  He kept asking me if I was ok, because I looked like I was totally out of it, which I was.

When I got home, my mom cooked some corn and I was going down on those ears like no other!  After that, I turned on the tube only to find a Theatre Appreciation telecourse on Contra Costa College TV.  That professor is so queer, it's hilarious!  He was doing a segment out in SF and he couldn't stop waving his hands around, while holding the mic.

I ended up sleeping really early last night.  I was just really exhausted.


Got up early so I could load my car with some clothes, a suitcase for Seattle, my sleeping bag, and pillow.  My sister was still around as DLS/CHS start late on Wednesdays.  As I was loading the truck, she tried to back out of the driveway, but decided to stay close to my car as another car was driving on our street.  She motioned to the other drive to pass, but the other car barely had enough room to do so!  I started to tell my sister that, but the other car managed to squeeze her way through.  Then I just bowed my head in shame as my sister continues to act retarded... Then I yelled to her, you are from Carondelet!  LOL.

Had my only class today.  Turned in my homework, which I was fighting to stay awake to complete last night.  I sent an SMS to Adam asking when he'd be in SJ.  He was on his way from Fairfield.

After class, I got the keys to my new place.  Adam called me and said that he and Scott (biglovescott) were heading over to MLK Library.  I ended up meeting them there.  We first walked around downtown, so they could take pictures of both the old and new Camera Theatres, along with the California Theatre that is being renovated for Opera San Jose (I think).  We then walked back to the library and Scott and Adam did some research through old newspaper clippings and phone books for movie theatres.  In case you guys don't know, Scott and Adam are huge movie theatre geeks, who both currently work for Century Theatres at the home office.  It's interesting to see how the South Bay theatres came about, especially with the woahs of Century.

Scott made Adam get something to eat, so I walked with him to Togo's as Scott went on to microfiche.

After Togo's, back to the library for a short time.  I left the two upstairs, as I met up with my 119A group.  After a short meeting, I went back upstairs to the two.  Shortly after that, Scott decided to head back up to Pleasant Hill to meet up with Nick (slipsbyandstops) and Adam and I decided to catch a movie.  Scott dropped us off at Adam's truck at Santana Row.  After browsing through the listings, we ended up seeing Alien vs. Predator at the Century 23.  Wohoo, the half-dome!  Adam tried to see if he could get the office phone from the recorder, so he can call in the passes, but that didn't work.  So I tried calling Nick at Pleasant Hill 5.  Some tard answered the phone very unprofessionally and I was placed on hold for an eternity.  I gave up, because Adam had a company field phone list in his truck.  (yeah, Nick, I did call you on the office line)

AVP was fucking awesome, except for the fact that some tards decided to make it a family night, with their children ages 3, 7, and 9.  OMG... WTF?!?  Adam and I kept cracking jokes about them.

After the movie, we walked around Santana Row for a bit, then he drove me back to my car at the P&R overflow lot.

When I got back to the apartment, I went to Albertson's to grab some stuff.  I bumped into Nick's friend, Charles and we ended up checking guys out at the ghetto Albertson's... Yes, the one on Seventh and Santa Clara.  When we finally decided to check out, we waited for 15 minutes to do so.  Charles insisted he drive me back, even though I was a mere 500 feet away from the store.

So I leave for Seattle tomorrow night.  I'm so looking forward to it!  I asked John (gres02) what was there to do up there, and he suggested his volleyball game.  That actually sounds like a kick-ass thing to do while I'm there.

Ok, 'nuff typing about on LJ.  I'll catch you guys later :)

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