Rex (rapp81) wrote,

On the plane (Now being posted)

So as soon as I get settled in my seat, I notice the person in the row ahead of me checking out the front page of today's USA Today and there was a banner, right below the header saying something to the effect of De La Salle #1 in top 25.  How funny, I'm flying to Seattle just to see DLS play there.

Ok, enough about DLS for now....

On to some rhetorical satire:

Classes have been going on for about a week now at SJSU.  The first few days were hectic as usual.  Massive amounts of people roaming around campus, trying to add that last class they need to graduate in December.  Where the waiting list is larger than the class itself.

Then you've got the incoming freshman, so young and innocent looking... always coming up to you asking where a particular building is, when it's right there beside them.  You start noticing the trend of incoming freshman looking younger than what they're suppose to be.  Wow, that kid's 18, not 15!

You walk along the Seventh Street Plaza (I'm sorry, I will never call it Caesar Chavez Plaza) and the area in front of the Student Union, where all the frats, sororities, and campus organizations have tables, Hummers, and other various "I have a small penis" items are out, trying to lure unsuspecting students to join their groups.

While looking over the green sheet (syllabus) you can't help but try to figure out whether or not your professor lives in Santa Cruz, based of their appearance and mannerisms.  Eventually, your guesses become verified as the class progresses.

Class ends and you try to leave the Business Building through the main staircase and exit.  It's like two herds of cattle, one group going in and another going out.  Kinda resembles everyone trying to scramble out of Carondelet, so they can run over to De La Salle for their next class.

On the third day of class, you feel sorry for the guy who was on the wait list, but showed up late... after spots were being offered in the class.

And then comes the end of the first week.  Slowly, the campus climate become more and more desolate and almost empty.  Once again, you're reminded that this is truly a commuter university.

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