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My Trip to Seattle

After forgetting to pack my sweatshirts, I walked down and caught the VTA 63, took that to First and San Fernando, walked over to the light rail stop on Santa Clara, then took that to Metro where I caught the shuttle to SJC.

When I arrived at Terminal C (The ghetto one, where you walk on the tarmac to board), the monitors said my flight was on time.  However, once I got past security, I found out that my flight was delayed for half an hour.  There were no monitors inside and the gate's reader board only had the ETD, so I used my phone's WAP to grab the current ETA. It told me 2:15a. Thinking this was totally wrong, I called up Nate (natetl17) and he looked up the info for me. It was actually 12:15a. I decided to stay in the cramped gate area (with no bathrooms) as I didn't want to be rescreened by TSA.  Speaking of TSA, I called Brian and asked if he was working, and apparently he quit on Thursday.  Whatever... That's Brian for ya.

The plane ride over was great.  I was sandwiched between two very good looking lads :P  Deciding to be very coy, I pulled out my latest copy of Instinct magazine.  I'm pretty sure the two guys knew what kind of magazine I was reading, but neither one of them really cared, I guess.  The one on my left was a buff red head, wearing a Stanford cap.  He was reading The Last of the Mohicans and while doing so, kept brushing his arm against mine and leaving it there.  I couldn't tell if he was just a dumb, oblivious jock or if he was trying to tell me something.  The lack of head turning and eye contact lead me to believe that the latter wasn't the case.  Well about this particular guy, he's on my flight back (I'm typing this on the flight right now), sitting a few rows behind me.

I landed at SeaTac at around 12:10a.  Walked straight to baggage claim where I was to meet Allison and her boyfriend, Wes.  I didn't see her right away, but we eventually found each other.

We headed over to Allison's house, which is near campus, but owned by the University of Puget Sound.  After settling down, I slept in Allison's room and she slept on the couch.  She insisted I sleep in her room.

Day 1: Bumming Around UPS and Admiring Their Hotties

Allison and I had breakfast in The SUB (which I believe stands for Student Union Building).  I was amazed how cheap their food was.  Granted Allison used her meal plan points for pretty much all of my meals [thanks, Allison :)], their cash prices were ridiculously low!  I could get actual menu items for under $2.  That's so unheard of at SJSU!

After breakfast, Allison had class and I slept for a bit.  When she came back, we went around campus and into the library.  Allison had a meeting in the afternoon, so I just hung around her house till their campus activities fair.  Wow, I couldn't believe a campus could hold such an event on a late Friday afternoon.  Might I add, there are a plethora of hotties on this campus, even some obvious family members... but most of those were kinda skinny and queeny, but not as queeny as the ones in the Bay.  There was this really tall, hot, blond guy named Brad (who I saw repeatedly throughout the weekend), who was at the table next to Allison's.  Allison's table was for Catholic Campus Ministry.  This festival was huge!  All the campus groups were around the field area, and inside there was jousting, horizontal bungee, and a hot air balloon.  Damn!  Allison and I walked around and I still was looking at the hotties.  Oh, how I love small, liberal arts universities!  There was this one guy who looked exactly like David (deekers), except this guy's facial hair was red and was way more skinnier.  He went around trying to recruit for the crew team... Ah, crew... and rugby, and lacrosse... :P  Also at the fair, there was free food for everybody!  That was sweet!  Towards the end of the fair, a really cute red head came up to the CCM table and signed up... He was a Irish Catholic (his last name was O'something)... HOT!

After the fair, we lounged around for a bit then Allison, Wes, Allison's roommate Michelle, and I went to see The Bourne Supremacy at a local AMC.  Sorry, Scott (biglovescott), I didn't have my camera on me to take pics for you and  The movie was great, except for the cinematography.  Who was DP for that?!?  All of us got dizzy from watching.

Earlier in the day, I was able to use my laptop on the university ResNet.  At first, when I plugged in, the network redirected me to this weird web auditing page, which examined my system.  From there, it asked for a login to register my MAC address.  To circumvent this, I just spoofed my MAC address with Allison's and I was on the network!  Speaking of the network, I was surprised to find out that they're using fiber to string in all of off campus houses, which is connected to a ethernet bridge. 

Day 2: De La Salle ENDS The National Streak! / Brief Clubbing in Downtown Seattle
The day started by having lunch in the Sub and waiting for Allison's family to show up from Hercules.  Eventually they all show up at Wes's, where they saw his "laundry".  That was the code name for his pet rabbit, which was not allowed in university housing.  After that, we headed to Allison's and chatted for a bit.  Most of her family later went to eat off campus, while the rest of us and her brother Joe went to the Sub.

When we all came back, we headed up to Seattle and Qwest Field to see De La Salle play Bellevue.  Allison's family left before us, but we ended up parking right in front of them in the garage... even though we circled around the area to find cheaper parking.  On the drive over, Wes and his roommate Matt couldn't really understand what the big fuss was about.  That soon changed as the night went on.

While roaming through the stadium, we first bumped into Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary (My DLS English and Allison's CHS Religion teachers).  Mr. O'Leary said that he should of read my blog, otherwise he would of known I'd be here.  Heh.  He then said he made the mistake of booking the flights just so they had enough time to just go to the game.  I guess he forgot about Monday being Labor Day and expressed his slight disappointment on missing out the chance to check out Seattle's finest spots.

As we entered the actual stadium area, we looked around for Allison's family.  While looking around, I immediately spot the Quintero's.  At first, we decided to just ignore them (Allison and Maria have issues), but Allison just decided to ask them if they saw her family.  Mr. Quintero gave Allison the most dirty look was Mrs. Quintero was all smiles and friendly.

We eventually spot Allison's family in the reserved seating area and we walk past the attendant as he was talking to someone.  While going up, I spot Ms. Delahoussaye (My DLS Guidance counselor and Allison's AP US History teacher).  She asked how I was doing and as usual, was pleased to hear that I was doing great.  (I was constantly in her office my senior year due to some personal issues I was going through and she helped out a lot).

We ended up sitting near Allison's family... Luckily the seats around them weren't being used (we just had general admission tickets)

The DLS game was delayed so we catch the last quarter and a half of the previous game, which was a close one!

As for the actual DLS game... I'm not going to give a play by play.  I will describe the atmosphere of the stadium.  At one point, the stadium did the wave twice.  I haven't seen that in a while.  During the game, DLS fans were getting worried about the outcome of the night's game.  Everyone was thinking, could this be the night?  I do remember jumping and cheering after every touchdown DLS scored.  But that rush soon faded and was never to appear again for the rest of the night as the feeling for worry set in.

I was getting SMSes and calls from my cousins and sister, all of whom went / go to Carondelet.  My cousin, Karina, told me that she was afraid of going to work on Tuesday (she works at the development office at DLS).

As the game came near the end, it was obvious that the national winning streak of 151 consecutive games was not going to survive the night!

When the game ended, every DLS fan stood up and applauded.  Nothing else could be heard except for the applause.  The faces on each DLS fan were very solemn.  This continued until the team left the field.

It took forever to drive out of the stadium parking lot.  Nobody moved for almost an hour.  During that time, retarded HS kids thought it would be cool to honk their horns, so that went on forever.  Then I noticed some muffs in a red BMW.  As I said that, Allison went OMG, because she hasn't heard or used that term since HS.  LOL

Soon, we were able to get out at around 12:30 or so and they dropped me off at the Vagabond Inn... yes the same place where I stayed my freshman year during that horrible band trip.  It was funny to see the Denny's next door to be boarded up.  I should of taken a pic of that.  The room as in the same condition as it was when I last stayed there.... kinda crappy, but it was a room and it was cheap (thanks, AAA!)

I was planning on hitting a couple of clubs in Capital Hill (basically Seattle's gay district), but since it was 1 AM and last call was at 2, I wasn't going to make it.  (I had to walk for about a mile).  So I decided to hit Neighbors, which was open until 4.  I just mainly walked around, sipping water (as I missed last call).  The scene is nothing compared to SF, but I really didn't take advantage of that.  I was so tired out from the day.  After spending about an hour there, I decided to head back and sleep.  I will say that if I do end up moving up to Seattle after I graduate, I'm totally looking for a place in Capital Hill :)

Ok, the plane is starting it's descent, so I'm going to end this here... I'll post details on the latter part of my trip later on.

About to post... back in SJ.  It's fucking hot here!!! WTH's up with that?!?

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