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My Seattle Trip (The Conclusion)

I've been extremely busy since I've been back here.  School mainly, especially class group issues.  I'm going to say it again, I wish I was still in Seattle because it's still way too freaking hot here!  As soon as I got off the plane on the tarmac, I felt the nice 68 degrees at 10:40 at night.

Day 3: Fantastic Day for Volleyball / Some Casual Sightseeing

I woke up sometime at around 9 or so.  Called John (gres02) to confirm the time and place for the game.  Was lounging around the room unpresentable until I got a knock on the door from housekeeping.  I scurried to find a pair of pants to put on and answered the door for an Indian guy, with his chest hair protruding out of his almost unbuttoned shirt, wearing a pair of green latex gloves.  This guy was housekeeping.  I swear I thought I was in for a fisting for something, as I was a bit freaked out by his appearance.  He asked if I wanted the room to be serviced.  I replied by saying no, while trying to look for the non existent Do Not Disturb sign, and informed him that I was getting ready to check out.  For some reason he was really eager to service my room (or service me... who fucking knows).  Ew, ew, ew!  Eventually I do check out and start venturing over to Volunteer Park in Capital Hill to meet up with the Seattle LiveJournal crew and then some.

I decided to take the bus and get a day pass.  Wow, public transit up there is so much cleaner, nicer, and cheaper than any transit system in the Bay Area... Even somewhat better than BART!  I paid $2.25 for the weekend day pass, which got me around Seattle for the entire day.  (I had to pay an extra $1.75 upgrade to ride back to Tacoma)

I got to the park at around noon, but apparently the rest of the guys coming were heading over a bit later on.  So I just laid on the ground, enjoying the nice sunshine that came through earlier than the days before.  Everyone started to show up and I got to meet some of the guy's I've seen/read on my Friends of Friends page.  Since I'm initially bad with names and the fact that I have no Internet access as I'm typing this to find out, I can't really tell you who else from LJ was there.

We had several good rounds of VBall and a great lunch that some of the guys prepared.  If you guys know me, I tend to be very quiet when I first meet people.  This, unfortunately, was the case and I barely said anything.  They must think I'm a total quiet guy.  Heh, yeah, till I totally get to know you and won't shut the fuck up!  LOL.  I really need to do something about my initial shyness around new people.

After spending quite a few hours chatting, eating, and playing volleyball, we all parted.  I took the bus back to downtown and walked around.  I was going to first hit Pike's Public Market, but I saw the AnF store first and got off to check it out.  I was so not impressed with the store.  Small, no hotties lurking about... meh.  Maybe because it was near closing on a Sunday.  I continued to walk around downtown and couldn't help but notice the front pages of the newspapers about De La Salle ending the streak.  How sad :(

I spent about an hour roaming around then took the bus back to Tacoma.  While waiting for a transfer in Tacoma, I noticed a group of UPS students waiting for the same bus.  The two guys with them, mmmm. :P  Heh

I managed to make it back to Allison's and luckily, her roommate Jessica was there to answer the door because Allison wasn't checking her voice mail, to hear the messages I left her.  Being exhausted from the game and walking around, I took a early evening nap.  Allison and Wes came back and we went to The Cellar (pizza/rec spot) for some food and pool with Ken.  Still being a bit tired, I just sat and watched the last part of Never Been Kissed.

We went back to Wes's, and decided to watch a movie.  Well, they came back and couldn't find one so we ended up watching The One.  After the movie, it was around 2 or so, we Allison and I went back to her house and went to bed.

Day 4: Sights of Tacoma / Flight Back

The day started off really slow.  I got up at around 10:45.  Allison had brunch while I was logged on in the Seattle room.  I got in a cool convo with a guy who's going to SFSU in the fall. 

I headed over to the SUB where they all just finished eating.  We went to the Cafe for a bit, then went to Wes's so they could do some homework.  Eventually, we finally head out.  But the first stop was Michael's, so Allison could buy yarn (she's knitting a sweater for Wes).  Then the fun stuff, driving around Tacoma, looking at the sights of Puget Sound.  It was so breathtaking, and it was another great day.  After that, we went around Tacoma's Prospect district and had sandwiches there for dinner.

We head back to the house, so I could pack and head off to the airport.  Wes and Allison dropped me off curbside and we said our goodbyes.  It took about 20 minutes to get through security.  While waiting for the flight, I was paged to go to the ticket counter.  The agent asked if I could change seats because a couple was split up.  Oh well, I switched my window seat for an aisle seat.

On the flight back, I wasn't sitting near any hotties :(  The Indian guy, whose seat I probably switched with, pressed the Attendant call button immediately after take off.  WTF?!?  Then he got up before it was ok to do so, to get something out of the overhead compartment, all the while bending over and almost shoving his ass to my face.  Argh.

Finally landed at SJC.  Chris picked me up and Greg was with him.  We went straight to downtown and The Blank club, since it's been a while since I've been to straight karaoke.  Opted out of singing Float On by Modest Mouse and gave that to Chris (I wasn't up for a suicide).  Instead, I sang Hungry Like The Wolf then Take a Bow.  This queer guy got all excited that I was going to sing Madonna.. Heh, guess that was my big clue to him that I was queer myself :)

After closing out the bar (which closed early) Rosh, Chris, Greg, Larry from Roshambo, and I were chatting outside.  I haven't met Larry before, but he's uber hot :P  Straight, of course :(

I had a real blast in Seattle.  Met some great people and had an awesome time.  It's definitely a weekend I'll never forget.  As soon as I get my degree, I'm finding a job and moving up there.  It's settled :)

P.S. Finally posting this tonight... Been really busy this week and will post why later on ;)

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