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I swear, school's been keeping me extremely busy... I rarely have time to update LJ as much as I did over the summer.  Hence, the lack of multiple daily posts.

I'll be brief with the WIR.

Had dinner at Spag (Spaghetti Factory) with Chris (crhale), Amber (amberk17), and Greg.  Rosh wasn't working and we had horrible service.  Went back to Chris and Amber's after dinner.  Watched raw video of Chris's Seattle trip (including Chris's hot cousin, Carlo in his boxers).  Then watched the season premiere of Real World Philly... The two gay guys are not cute at all... :(

After that, went to the Brit, met up with Rosh.  Then Matt as it was his birthday.

Met up with Adam after class, went to see Wicker Park at the 22.  Josh Hartnett :P  Really good movie.  Adam ended up staying the night at my apartment, despite the fact that I have no furniture in my room.  He had to audit Mountain View on Thurs, and driving back up to Sac then back down here would of been retarded.

Long day of class, then went to KoC.  Not a real busy night, but cool.  Drove up to Hercules for the weekend

Went to St. Pat's for a novena for my godmother's daughter.  She hung herself the previous Sunday in her house in Hercules.  My sister called me while I was taking a break from playing volleyball in Seattle about it.  (Speaking of Seattle, in case you missed it: My Seattle Trip (The Conclusion)

After that, I met up with Charles at 1220 in Walnut Creek.  Had major fun there, even though I saw John, the SJSU aviation major that thinks I'm a retard.  We ended up closing the bar and as I walked out, I heard hey, I know you!  It was Jessica Cozzoli.  She was there with her roommate apparently.  Weird!

Slept for most of the day, then went to the novena again.  Afterwards, went to Anthony's (SJSU "Shut Up") house in Concord then hit Crogan's in Walnut Creek. If you wanted to torture yourself by going to a sports bar that has a plethora of hot straight guys, Crogan's is the place to go.  I kept calling my sister for the status on the De La Salle game.  They lost again.  Anthony saw his old DLS swim coach, who is currently a math teacher there (I wish I saw another DLS teacher at a bar.. heh :P) who told everyone around that DLS lost AGAIN!  Geez, DLS hasn't lost two games in a row since 1979, nor have they lost more than one game in a season since 1989!

While Anthony and I were checking out the dance floor, a couple of girls were playing pool and one of them told off an obnoxious guy.  I admired her for doing that and told her so after she came up to me and asked if I found her and her friend humorous.  After she heard my reply, she said, yeah, I hate him, realized I was cool, then went back to her game.

After Crogan's we went to Mel's... No sighting of the homophobic white trash whore that I saw the last time and interacted with when I was in WC with Matt (dancin_whitey) and South Bay Anthony.  Oh well :(

After I dropped off Anthony, I went down Concord Ave and noticed that they still had the sobriety checkpoint going on downtown.  In order to avoid the BS, I turned right onto Salvio, left on to East, then hopped on the Solano/242 on ramp.  Haha!  Take that, Concord PD!  Not that I was drunk or anything, I just get annoyed by such things.

Slept some more, did the usual Sunday thing with the family, drove down to KoC, and back to the apartment.

Met up with Adam, Scott (biglovescott), Nick (slipsbyandstops), and the lesbians in Milpitas.  Took me forever and a day to get there from SJ, so they had already finished eating.  Adam and I decided to watch a movie while the rest went to the lesbians' place in MV.  Adam and I watched Cellular at the Great Wall Mall.  Chris Evans is uber hot in the movie and it was better than either one of us expected!  After the movie, we went to Applebee's, as I didn't get a chance to eat earlier.  Saw the Texas Ranger's pitcher throw a folding chair at a fan on TV.  Then Adam took me back to my car and parted from there.
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