Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Weekend in the Southland

Took VTA & Light Rail over to SJC.  Flight to The OC was alright.  Adam was waiting for me at the gate when I arrived.  Got the rental car, checked into the hotel, and drove up to Universal City.  Walked around while we waited for Adam's friend Manny to finish up a screening he was doing.  Then we had lunch at Tony Roma's, where there was a really hot and young bartender.

Drove back down to The OC in rush hour traffic (ugh... should of crossed over The 405 instead of taking The 5), and just stayed in for the night.  I only had a total of six hours of sleep for the past couple of nights, so I was kinda beat.  We did relax in the hotel hot tub in pool for a bit.

Met Adam's other friend, Mike, the straight Mormon boy from San Diego, at South Coast Plaza.  Had lunch at Ruby's diner and was totally checking out the balloon artist, who was the only male over the age of 19 (he was like 26 or so).  At one point, he caught me staring at him, but all he did was smile back at me... Uber hot!

The three of us went up to Hollywood and met up with Manny again.  He didn't eat, so we went to the In 'n Out on Sunset.  After that, we checked out Amoeba Music, where a cover band was just finishing up, then headed to the Archlight to see THX 1138: The Director's Cut.  Watching movies in Hollywood is fucking expensive... $11, no bargain matinees or student prices?!?  Anyways, THX 1138 was strange, to say the least.  Before the movie started, one of the ushers introduced the film and explained the theatre policy in lieu of a policy trailer.  Craig was his name, and boy... Manny, Adam, and I were drooling over him.  After Craig made his speel, Manny says in a loud whisper, can I have your children?

After the movie, we walked back to Hollywood and Highland, walked around for a bit, checking out the front of the Chinese Theatre, then headed up to Burbank to pick up Scott (biglovescott) and Nick (slipsbyandstops).  I knew Burbank was north, so we took 101 N, but I didn't know we had to cross over 134 to get to the Airport.  Oops, we eventually get there and pick the two up.

We head over to West Hollywood and Scott and Nick check in at the Ramada, which obviously looks like it was built in the mid-80s, with its art deco.  After making several phone calls about the De La Salle / Palma game (WTF?!?), and Scott and Nick getting ready, we start our night out in the town.  We first had pizza, then ventured over to The Abbey.

Scott's friend, Rebecca showed up the same time we did at The Abbey.  As soon as we got in, Scott bought us all (except Mike as he doesn't drink) a shot of Jaeger and another drink of our choice.  Mine was Tanq and Tonic.  I honestly can't remember when Ken showed up, but he does join us at some point of the night.  I order myself a long island.  I remember it being poured with just about half an inch left from the top for the sweet and sour and the splash of coke.  It seemed fine to me, but Adam said it was strong.  In any case, I end up pounding it.  We decided to head off, went in to the bar around the corner which name escapes me right now, then went into a few porn shops en route to Mickey's.  Nick and I were looking around for a bottle of Wet Platinum.  The first store didn't have it, but the second store did.  At this point I was kind drunk and was unsure how much money I had in my checking.  I decided not to buy a bottle.

At Mickey's I end up buying Ken and myself a long island.  I only get half way through that till I felt really sick.  Ken and Adam had to help me over to the bathroom where I decided to become a vomit projectile.  I can't even remember the last time I got sick.

Soon, we all decide to call it a night.  Rebecca and Adam helped me to Rebecca's car and she dropped us off at the hotel.  As soon as I got to the room, I just laid in bed for a bit.  Ken started to jump on top of me and started to molest me.  Heh.  Eventually, Adam, Mike, and I decide to leave and I continue to stumble with the help of the two to the car.  Mike drive us back to The OC via The 405.  I ended up passing out after having a short IM convo on my phone.  When we got back, I was still drunk, but manage to get safely into bed.

Woke up with a slight hangover.  Popped in two Advil's and I was good.  Went back to Hollywood to see Sky Captain at the Chinese Theatre.  Great movie.  Afterwards, had lunch at Mel's and met Ross, from  Adam warned me he was hot, and OMG was he ever!  Apparently he's straight, but still... damn!

After Mel's, we all parted and Adam drove me to the airport.  I was there really early, but I got to admire all the hotties flying back to the Bay.  Heh

This was indeed a fun weekend :)  I'll upload some pics as soon as I get my cable which is in Hercules... D'oh!

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