Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Fresh from being zonked out...

Slept really early last night... 9:30 or so.  Woke up with the sounds of the pedestrian signal on 7th and San Fernando and the VTA bus voice annunciator.

Going to see RENT tonight at the SJ Center for the Performing Arts.  I've been wanting to see it since my senior year in high school, but could never get absolute plans to see it.  I'm really excited to see it now!

Before Rent, I'm going to head over to SCU's first GALA meeting for the quarter.  Went to SJSU's GLBTA meeting last week, and once again, there was something retarded when I attended.  This time, I had this weird SEVENTEEN-YEAR-OLD asian try to hit on me.  One of the lines he used was, I'm a bottom!  WTF?!?  Why can't I find normal queers on my own campus?!?  Oh yeah, that's right, I go to a commuter school... all the normal ones go home after class and never stick around.

Monday, I was in my last class for the day and overheard the group of hot guys behind me check out girls online...  Must of been Friendster or Hot or Not.  In any case, I had this conversation with Nate (natetl17)

RAPP81 (4:38:18 PM): ugh... straight boys talking about girls and boobs.... meh
NateTL17 (4:38:23 PM): fag
RAPP81 (4:39:48 PM): lol
RAPP81 (4:40:36 PM): It's not like I go in class going, look at that ass or look at that cock!
NateTL17 (4:40:47 PM): hahahahaa
NateTL17 (4:40:57 PM): thats so terrible
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