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OK... Who the hell's responsible for this?!?

Funkzster264 (2:27:36 PM): Hi eRx
RAPP81 (2:28:03 PM): Hi
Funkzster264 (2:28:11 PM): how are you?
RAPP81 (2:28:19 PM): doing well... how about yourself?
Funkzster264 (2:28:31 PM): fine. how are you?
RAPP81 (2:28:50 PM): just waiting for class to end
Funkzster264 (2:29:03 PM): so do u like pepsi or coke better?
RAPP81 (2:29:25 PM): pepsi
Funkzster264 (2:29:35 PM): cool, i like pepsi too
RAPP81 (2:29:38 PM): cool
RAPP81 (2:29:42 PM): who is this, btw?
Funkzster264 (2:29:50 PM): cool as ice!
RAPP81 (2:30:18 PM): ic
Funkzster264 (2:30:28 PM): thats odd
RAPP81 (2:30:45 PM): what's odd?
Funkzster264 (2:30:57 PM): im not usre... somehow u got on my buddy list
RAPP81 (2:31:13 PM): oh
Funkzster264 (2:31:23 PM): yep
RAPP81 (2:31:35 PM): strange...
RAPP81 (2:31:40 PM): but you knew my name
Funkzster264 (2:31:45 PM): weird is cool
RAPP81 (2:32:37 PM): I guess
Funkzster264 (2:32:44 PM): :-P
RAPP81 (2:33:35 PM): so how is it you know my name, but I have no clue as to who you are?
Funkzster264 (2:33:44 PM): yuo are you, and i am myself.
RAPP81 (2:34:02 PM): right....
Funkzster264 (2:34:13 PM): really?
RAPP81 (2:34:24 PM): I suppose
Funkzster264 (2:34:35 PM): i dont beleive u lol
RAPP81 (2:35:09 PM): so enlighten me.... give me some clues about your identity
Funkzster264 (2:35:20 PM): how odl r u?
RAPP81 (2:35:34 PM): doesn't work that way.... question being answered with a question
Funkzster264 (2:35:43 PM): i'm not sure
RAPP81 (2:36:16 PM): um... ok
Funkzster264 (2:36:27 PM): ok
Funkzster264 (2:37:32 PM): Please talk to me
Funkzster264 (2:37:46 PM): You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now!  GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting

Ok guys, fess up :)

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