Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I was Punk'd!

So Chris (crhale) and I hit Walnut Creek tonight.  After spending most of the night at Crogan's, we decided to leave.  I can handle looking at all the hot straight guys for so long...  I walked towards where I parked my car on the corner of Main and Commercial, but only to find a couple leaning against another car.  I slightly start to freak out.  Chris and I start walking up N Main, only to be flustered even more.  I walk south on N Main to find my car parked across the street, in between two other cars.  I know I just parked in the corner.  Then I see some people sitting in the car.  My brother, including Justin and Tristian, decided to play a little joke on me, because Randall noticed I left the faceplate on the stereo.  My gosh, it's downtown WC, where hot cops cruise every 5 minutes!  Anyways, needless to say, I was cracking up.

Joe was supposed to meet up with the three, but ended up going to some party in Lafayette, so I ended up taking Justin back to his house in Concord.  What an unexpected night!

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