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RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here!
Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric
is ads like this:

I bet he loves to ride... ride me! :P
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Since we were acquired by Merrill Lynch, we had no real way to track our time off. Most business units at ML are essentially on the "honor system" of sorts when it comes to claiming vacation time, sick time, and personal days.

Well, at First Republic, our HR department really wanted a way to track our time off, other than to have to manually create individual spreadsheets for managers and supervisors based off what was marked in the payroll system.

The solution: Use an existing solution that some business units at ML use to track time off. We submit our requests on this intranet site and our direct reports approve or deny the request. Plus we get to see on the system who's out and who's covering for them, if designated.

Anyway, according to TOM (Time Off Management), I have 22 vacation days left and 2 personal days left. I didn't use any of my vacation days last year so I had a ton carried over this year. However this total includes not just what vacation time I have already taken, but what vacation time I already have scheduled and approved.

So the upcoming trips that I have been approved time off for need to be planned...

Orlando in June for Gay Days

Other trips I need to plan for, pending approval in TOM...

New Orleans in August for Chris's (crhaleCrhale) bachelor party

Possibly the NYC Flyertalk Gayla in September

LA/Anaheim for Gay Days in October

And a week after xmas trip -- destination TBD.

Yeah, I know... some of you are jealous :P j/k
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I've managed to be in a very good place in my life, but for the past couple of weeks, I've been in such a rut. Over a year ago, I vowed not to get myself in that place again -- and I'm actually proud I was able to make it for so long, however recent events and observations have put me slowly back into this feeling I vowed not to feel ever again.

All I can do at this point is to pull myself out of this, move on, and get myself back on my own two feet.
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Here's my newsfeed of my RT updates during the weekend...

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cpher5 (11:13:35 AM): jesus is the best!
RAPP81 (11:15:56 AM): ok
RAPP81 (11:16:00 AM): He dies today

I'm a bad Catholic.  At least I'm not eating meat on this Good Friday :P
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So my straight, former coworker and I are on the couch in my apartment, trying to sober up and in comes my roommate with a naked guy.  Mind you, the naked guy was fucking hawt, but OMFG...


Life is interesting!
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So I spent the latter part of the afternoon at work booking airfare, car, and hotel for Honolulu.  This may be an awesome thing, but the sad reality is that I'll only be there for a little over 24 hours.

Despite that, I fly in Sunday afternoon and virtually have Sunday evening free.  Any ideas as to what I should do with my limited free time?

I'll be staying at The W and do have a car, so suggest away ;)
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Ate at several fantastic restaurants

Got blazing drunk several nights

Closed out the dancefloor on a couple of nights

Chatted it up a hot, yet straight bartender at the W

Met some interesting people

Randy (sjh22asjh22a) literally got dickslapped at the Corner Pocket

Visited the Laura Plantation -- which is a MUST see if you ever visit New Orleans

Saw a HOT guy make out with another hot guy on Mardi Gras and after some slight cyber investigating based off the polo shirt he was wearing, found out that he is an on air reporter the the NBC affilliate in the adjacent market.

Drove around the city, unexpectidly

Got a ton of beads

Did a vampire tour

Got blazing drunk... oh wait, I already said that!

I had an awesome time with some good friends and was able to make a few more friends on this trip!
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Thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday.

Last night on Bourbon Street was interesting, but the certain "crowd" was kinda light and by the time 1 AM clicked, it died out fast.

However, there's still the upcoming weekend for some major fun :P

Ok, I gotta take a shower... catch you all later!
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@ LAX for my three hour layover.

sjh22a, zzar, and  777echelon: See you all there eventually! =)

Current Location: LAX, Gate 71B

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So the overdue highlights of my trip to New York...

Hung out with Joel and crashed at his apartment in the Upper East Side.

Met his then girl he was dating, now actual girlfriend Elise.

Grabbed a few drinks with Tabber and his gf Crystal

Visited the Rock Center office.

Spent midnight at a party in Gramercy

Met up with NYC coworker Adam, his partner Vic, and their friend John-Paul and went to a bar similar to The Cafe on Fridays (aka Boy Bar... complete with the not so attractive face boys go-go dancing)

Went to Adam's house in Rye Brook

Did some sight seeing during the week -- The Met, Central Park, etc.

Visited the Rock Center office (again as I didn't get a chance to meet a couple of other coworkers in person yet)
(It's so different meeting them in person, versus seeing them daily via virtual office / video Polycom)

Did some shopping (yea for no apparel tax in NY!)

Hooked up with a hawt bro -- who was totally in the closet. But damn, bro, it was fucking hot! :P

Visited the Rock Center office again (this time to wait for Adam to get off work)

Was going to hang out with coworkers Alberto and Andrea but one forgot that he had to pick up his wife and go home to Newark and the other one was not feeling well.

Hit up the gay spots with Adam in Hell's Kitchen and Chelsea.

Got blazing drunk

Adam had to catch the last MTA North train so we caught a cab, dropped him off at Grand Central, and I headed back to Joel's in the UES... thus my crazy Facebook status updates from that night.

Woke up still drunk at 5 AM.

Finally went to Brandy's Piano Bar with Joel

Flew back to SFO.

So that's it in a nutshell... =P

Still planning for my next trip: Birthday / Mardi Gras in NOLA... it's going to be great!
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It prob looks bad from the Treo, but heres a shot from I-80 in Emeryville, facing west towards doentown SF.


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From traffic.511.org:

Driving Times

From: I-80 E & BAY BRIDGE - WEST SPAN (San Francisco)
To: CA-4 E & I-80 E (Hercules)

Click on a trip to display it on the map.

    Trip A: 92 min. (21.1 mi.)

I guess it's residual delays from an earlier incident.

Only less than a couple of weeks till I'm done with this commute!
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So there's a Saved by the Bell marathon going on tonight on The-N.

I just watched the episode where they have their senior ball in the gym and make their theme country, because of the drama club's production of Oklahoma.  A random character asks Kelly out to the prom.  He's a tall, dorky, but cute looking guy.

Anyway, he doesn't go with Kelly after all, but I just noticed (after seeing this episode a gazillion times over 15 years) that this guy is the only one in the show's "atmosphere" (that's what they called the extras) that's wearing a hanky in his back right pocket.  A light blue one, none the less.  Does that mean anything??

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So it looks like I finally found a place in SF... 19th/Castro to be exact.

As my NYC coworker Adam said to me when I told him, "You're gonna get into so much trouble!"
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Although I'm kinda glad I'm heading home (thank God I missed the monsoons!), I just don't want to go into work tomorrow :(

ETA @ SFO: 12:45 PST

While at the terminal, there was an overhead page for a British Airways passenger "Ms. Janet Jackson" to approach the ticket counter.  I wonder if it was THE Ms. Janet Jackson?

If I have time, I gotta post some highlights.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of photos (except for FRB ATMs and such...lol), but I had major fun this week.

Thanks to Joel, Adam, and Vic for letting me crash at their places this week!

Current Location: JFK Airport

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Damn Metro North RR for not having true overnight service.  My NYC coworker Adam had to catch the last train up and I'm back at my friend's trying to chug cloudy NYC water to sober up.

Fun times though!

Current Location: Upper East Side, Manhattan, NYC

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Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

I'm still at my NYC coworker's house up in Rye Brook -- we're about to have dinner soon.

BTW, my Treo died sometime at around 3 AM ET, so if you've been trying to call or text me, I won't get them until I plug it back in sometime, possibly tomorrow.

Hope all is well with everyone =) 
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@ SFO right now... Anyone around?

Current Location: SFO, Red Carpet Club

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I haven't done one in a long time, but a WIR is definitely in order for this week.

I'll just leave this as a tease post :P
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