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RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here!

Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric

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First and foremost, a lot of stuff I write in here is satire in nature. I like to write for the sake of giving people a few laughs and what not.

Most of my non-satire,innermost personal posts are generaly marked as Friends Only, sometimes even more restricted to a group of friends I truely trust. In any case, if you find me interesting enough to add me to your list, feel free to add me and I'll add ya back :)

With all of this said, please keep in mind that you shouldn't completely "figure me out", so to speak, with just stuff you read in this journal. If you really want to get to know me, talk to me one-on-one Don't base who I am soley on this journal or what was told to you by a third-party.

SJSU Grad(Business Admin/MIS major), former employee of Century Theatres / CinéArts. More stuff can be found on my website.

Some other basic info:

Full Name: René Alexander Punu Poblete II... you wonder why I prefer to just be called Rex :)

Vital Stats: 26, 5'11", 165, blk/brn, easy going guy who lives in the SF East Bay (northern 510/925 border) and works as an IT analyst for a bank that provides private banking and wealth management services. Currently single (yeah, I know) and is always up for meeting cool, new people.

Prior Education: SJSU, May 2005, BS: Business/Management Information Systems. Also a graduate of De La Salle (1999) where I did Band & Company (drama) and from St. Joseph's in Pinole (1995) where I was declared the Class Geek (Computer Whiz was my official yearbook superlative).

Other Random Stuff: Karaoke whore @ King of Clubs in Mountain View... sing an eclectic selection from current hits heard on Live 105, KSJO, KWOD, or 90.5 The Edge to not so current stuff like Billy Joel, and a few selected showtunes. People also tell me that I tend to have some kind of announcer voice (you should check out my voice mail greeting). I guess doing high school theatre will do that to ya.

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For my blog entires prior to 13 JAN 04 (My LJ Account Creation Date), check out the Blog Archives. There, you will find a monthly listing (including current postings as this is my true archive) in a better format than LJ. You can also search through my archive using the MT Search Engine on that page.

If you want to read my "Friends Only" posts prior to 13 JAN 04, check out The AB Archives. Login information can be found in this LJ Friends Only Post

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